Who Is Going to Fight For Us?

Yesterday, there was a report of another Black woman committing suicide. Her name was Simone Battle. She was a singer in the girl group G.R.L. I didn’t know her but I cried in the library for about 30 minutes. I thought about Karyn Washington and how many other of our sisters are suffering in silence. I thought about myself and other family members who I know have suffered with bouts of depression or have been clinically diagnosed.

To add to the infliction of reading about Simone, I watched a video of now ex-Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice, knocking his then fiance, now wife unconscious in an elevator of an Atlantic City hotel. I cried for about another 15 minutes, eventually leaving the library because I could no longer focus on the work I had came to do.

I thought about the new initiative, “Black Lives Matter” and I couldn’t help but think,”Who is going to fight for us?” Do Black women matter in this equation? Who is going to stand in solidarity with Black women, besides Black women?

When we’re tired of fighting everyone else’s battles and our feet are too tired to march for our own circumstances, who will lead the way? Who will speak for us when our already-muffled voices are mute?

Will we speak so loudly on behalf of our brothers that our issues and concerns will never be heard? Will we continue to suffer and suffocate in silence? Will our grievances finally be heard once our corpses are good and cold?